Video Surveillance

Keep an eye on the things that matter to you the most.

Whether it's to check to see who drove into your yard, if the kids got home safely, or to see if the family pet is behaving our cameras allow you to remotely view your property anywhere you have an internet connection with NO ADDITIONAL FEES.

We have a variety of cameras that work for numerous situations. Our Vandal Proof Dome camera is a perfect all purpose camera and is extremely durable. Good for indoors and outdoors, it can record at 4k resolution and has night vision technology. Other cameras we carry are our Bullet camera which is good for zooming in on driveways to capture license plate numbers and our PTZ camera which can turn 360 degrees and has a 30x zoom.  Also with our wireless antennas you aren't limited on where you can put a camera, perfect for shops, barns or garages that are away from the home. 

Live Stock Monitoring

Make calving season go more smoothly with our PTZ cameras. With a 30x zoom you can reliably view an ear tag from 700ft away and with night vision technology you can check on your cattle from the comfort of your own home. Click the "Learn More" button to see our Farm Camera packages!