GPS Vehicle Tracking

Now in stock at eyeTech Solution are the Uplink GPS turn-key vehicle and asset trackers. These trackers integrate with the Uplink GPS application for seamless tracking and monitoring from any computer, tablet, or smartphone. With 4 affordable service plans, Uplink GPS can help recover your vehicle/asset or keep an eye on your fleet vehicles. 


Uplink GPS Asset Tracker

Easily Track And Monitor Your High Value Assets


The Uplink GPS AT asset tracker is a battery operated, cellular device which can be deployed in remote areas where power is not available. Coupled with the Uplink GPS tracking application, Uplink GPS AT helps maintain asset location awareness and allows tracking of high value assets in the field. Uplink GPS AT installs in minutes and includes live technical and activation support.


  • GPS allows high accuracy asset location
  • GSM cellular module for fast, wireless connectivity
  • Accelerometer provides motion detection
  • Ruggedized and weather proof for most outdoor conditions
  • Supports long life applications in the field


  • Geofences notify users when assets leave or enter a specified area
  • Works in remote locations
  • Sensors can detect movement of assets
  • Multiple use cases for tracking of high value fixed or mobile assets
  • Long battery life dependent on reporting frequency



Uplink GPS HW

Vehicle Tracking Solutions Made Simple, Reliable, & Affordable.

Uplink GPS is a turnkey vehicle tracking service for commercial and residential customers. The GPS HW has an easy 3-wire installation and a 200 mAh internal battery. Choose from four service plans (Saver, Basic, Advanced & Premium) based on your needs.


GPS Asset Tracking Services

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