DJI Drones

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Matrice 200 Series

The Matrice 200 Series drone has 4K recording and a 7km flight range, with 38-minute max flight time. This drone is great for emergency services in search and rescue, as well as powerline inspection.


Phantom 4 Pro

The Phantom 4 Pro has 4K recording with a 7km flight range and 30-minute max flight time. The camera has a 1-inch 20MP sensor.

mavic air.jpg

mavic air

The Mavic Air can record 4K video, and is able to fold up. It has a 21-minute flight time and can fly a distance of 4km. It also has smart capture, and the ability to capture 32MP Sphere Panoramas.


mavic pro

The Mavic Pro can fly up to 65km/h in sport mode and capture 4K video. This drone can can fold up and has the ability to fly 7km, with a max flight time of 27-minutes.

mavic 2...jpg

Mavic 2

The Mavic 2 has a 4K hasselblad camera with 2x optical zoom. You can fly this drone up to 8km away, with a 31-minute max flight time.